The title is intended not only to be catchy enough to draw your attention but is meant to reveal the truth behind the true dealer cost.

It goes without saying that the true dealer cost is the single most important factor that you need to remember whether you are buying or leasing a brand new car.

There is nothing special about the true dealer cost. It can easily be determined either by adding and subtracting a few important variables in order to arrive at the appropriate price to pay for any type of new car, truck or SUV or by simply asking for a true dealer cost price quote.

You will also use the dealer invoice price in determining the true dealer cost. You will most likely encounter some articles regarding the importance of the dealer invoice. Some might even say that the dealer invoice is everything that you need in order to arrive at the lowest car prices.

They are wrong.

The real truth behind the true dealer cost is that it is the only way to avoid paying too much money for any type of car. You know very well that car dealers are running a business and every savvy businessman will tell you that it is all about making a profit. On some cases, car dealers will make a HUGE profit from selling just one particular car.

Use the formula below to arrive at the TDC or true dealer cost of the car that you wish to buy and never look back:

TDC or true dealer cost= dealer invoice + destination charges + vehicle options - dealer holdback

From that amount, you can then add in taxes, registration and other licensing fees in order to determine the final selling price. If the car dealer happens to offer additional rebates and incentives then all you need to do is to deduct the rebates from the final selling price.

That's all there is to it! Try figuring out the true dealer cost yourself and you will be amazed on the amount of potential savings that you can get by simply using the formula above.

Ask for a free dealer cost price quote today in order to experience the unique and hassle free way of coming up with the lowest new car prices in the market.

Date: October 26, 2011

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