The 2018 Volkswagen Atlas

Basic Specs

Base MSRP: $30,000
Seats: 7
Engine: 2.0L turbo 238 hp OR 3.6L VR6 280hp
Transmission: 8-speed auto
AWD on V6 models

The Atlas is Volkswagen's attempt to revive the nature-going spirit that began with the beetle and the microbus. As you may know, one of them was a prize rally racer and the other traversed mountains and flatbeds in search of the perfect camping spot, with a mini kitchen in tow. The Atlas isn't quite like the Beetle or the microbus but it is designed for off-road and on-road practicality. It's also a great family car.


The Volkswagen Atlas seats 7 and comfortably fits two adults in the third row. The second row's seats are the "stow-away" type, which means you don't have to remove them to get more cargo utility. Just fold them down to create a pickup-like bed and you'll have 96.8 cubic feet of cargo area. One of the most exciting features is the tilting second-row seats that slide forward and tuck under the front seats to make an easy passageway into the third row. No folding, just sliding forward. You can even access the rear row with a car seat attached. Watch the seats in action here.

The interior is simple and beautiful. It features integrated lighting, a horizontal theme and plenty of tight angles. The seats are also very simple, unlike the multi-textured seats of a typical crossover.


The exterior of the 2018 Atlas blends with the interior extraordinarily well, having plenty of flat and horizontal lines. Maybe one of the boldest options is this earthy gold paint color!


AWD models feature a drive mode selector that offers snow, sport, on-road and off-road settings. You're also well-prepared to keep everyone safe when you drive the Volkswagen Atlas. It comes with pedestrian monitoring, front assist, blind spot monitor and more.

In some ways, Atlas provides more of what the Volkswagen Tiguan provides. It has more power, more seating, more length, etc. It measures 198.3" long, 77.9" wide and 69.6" high and has the power to match the upgraded size.

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