It is easy for car dealers to say that you will pay below the invoice price on a new car but how do you know that you are getting the real deal? Keep this in mind as car dealers will never sell a car and not make a profit-it is just not good business. There are times when the car dealer will really sell the car at below invoice prices if there is an overstock or simply, a model that does not sell well and remains to be parked at the dealer lot.

Remember that even if the invoice price is an accurate measurement of how much the dealer actually paid the manufacturer for the car, the amount can easily be overstated by a few hundred or even thousands of dollars even before the invoice price is presented to the car buyer.

If you want to pay below the invoice price, you should take the time to determine or inquire about the true dealer cost. As the true dealer cost will take into account the dealer invoice, destination charges and even the various options fitted on the car, it will also deduct with what is known as the dealer holdback. The holdback is a significant amount and is roughly 3% of the sticker price.

Find the true dealer cost and always pay below the invoice price.

Date: August 9, 2011

Discover True Invoice Price for New Cars – Ashok

Discover True DealerCost For New Cars At Your Local Dealerships 12 Years Of Satisfied...

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