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Let us be your guiding light when trying to find true dealer price. We have all the prices, tips, and best kept secrets that you’ll need when preparing to purchase your new car or truck.

Ever wonder exactly how much a dealership pays for the cars they sell? It’s an important question to ask, because it helps you determine the true value of a vehicle.

What you don’t know could cost you thousands of dollars.

Believe it or not car prices are not set in stone. In actuality, the only prices that stay close to concrete are the prices that a dealership pays the manufacturer for their fleet of cars.

Once these cars hit the dealership lot it becomes a toss up. The car buying market is a constantly changing landscape that is unpredictable. Actual purchase prices for vehicles are always changing.

Educating yourself is the first step to avoiding inflated prices. Sticker prices are the prices you will find on the new cars and trucks that are sitting on the dealership lot. These sticker prices are made up prices that are set by the dealership.

Sticker prices are intended to generate as much profit as possible for a dealership when it sells a new car or truck. What most car buyers don’t know is that these sticker prices are highly negotiable.

Give yourself the upper hand over other car buyers. Our free, no obligation price quotes give you insight to all the insider information you’ll need to help you save big on your vehicle purchase.

Learn how to spot the best prices, find out what kind of incentives and sales are occurring in your local area, and compare prices from your neighborhood dealerships.

We have all the tools to turn a beginner buyer into a seasoned pro. Our free price quotes can prepare you to become a negotiating specialist. Learn how to reason with a salesman so that your car buying experience can be enjoyable and stress free.

On top of that, we deliver true dealer price numbers. All the prices the dealerships don’t want you to know are at your fingertips. Request as many price quotes as you want to become fully educated on any vehicle you have in mind.

Negotiating will be a breeze. Work with the salesman to find a middle ground that allows them to make a reasonable profit while saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

You are finally in control of your car buying future. Request a free price quote today and get on your way to huge savings.

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