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Someone with little knowledge of car culture in the US, if given a few minutes to absorb comments from laypeople on the net, would come to the conclusion that some brands are infallible and others are total junk. Car enthusiasts praise their favorite brands whilst slandering other brands. You’ve seen the decals on Chevy windshields; the little smirking kid peeing on the Ford logo. It’s the culture. But do any of these forceful opinions (often stated as fact) hold water? Continue reading ‘Are the Most Dependable Cars Always from the Same Manufacturers?’ »

Date: January 7th, 2018

Charging Point: A location where an electric vehicle can be charged.

EV: Electric vehicle. (hybrid vehicles may also be called “EVs”)

E-REV: Extended Range Electric Vehicle. These vehicles have electric motors and can meet the needs of most commuters. They also have (typically small) gas engines that increase their range significantly, allowing long-distance travel. In E-REVs, the purpose of the gas engine is to keep the vehicle’s batteries charged.

Continue reading ‘Electric Vehicle Glossary & Hybrid Car Glossary’ »

Date: June 14th, 2017

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