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What Is the True Invoice Price for a Car?

June 30, 2014

It’s the word that no dealership wants to hear from you. Invoice price. Dealerships don’t want you to know how much they paid for a vehicle, but you need to know it before you can begin negotiation. Invoice prices can be up to 17 percent under the sticker price, which means dealerships are charging you up to 17 percent more than they paid for your vehicle.

So how do you take advantage of this hidden information? First, get price quotes from TrueDealerCost.com and see how much dealers are actually paying for their cars, trucks or SUVs. Then, take those price quotes into the dealership when you are ready to negotiate. You can drive the price even lower by bringing a competitors price quote into them and see if they will beat the price to win your business.

It’s the last day of June, so dealerships will want to finish the month strong. Find the best deals from local dealerships at www.TrueDealerCost.com today!

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