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Use the True Dealer Cost to Get Low Monthly Payments on your New Car Loan or Lease

May 17, 2012

We talked about the easy and hassle free way to get huge savings on a new car in the last post.

We also mentioned that requesting multiple price quotes will enable you to determine the true dealer cost on any kind of new car, whether you want a small or a big SUV. The true dealer cost is everything you need, whether you want to buy or lease a new car.

Simply said, the true dealer cost will allow you to become an expert negotiator even if you have no experience in selling cars.

Buying or Leasing a New Car is Made Easy and Affordable

Leasing is different from buying, but the main difference is in the price. If you are planning to buy your new car, you will have to pay for the entire selling price, the MSRP, or the negotiated price. Leasing is a different story because you will need to factor in the depreciation of the car. This is the reason why leasing will always give you lower monthly payments compared to buying, because you are basically dealing with a lower overall lease price.

How about the True Dealer Cost?

If you know the true dealer cost of the car that you want, then you will most likely come up with a fair selling price. If you figure out the true dealer cost, then you can lower the amount that needs to be financed, giving you lower monthly payments. On the other hand, if you are looking to lease your new car, then the true dealer cost will also result in a lower lease price, and you end up with affordable monthly lease payments. If the dealer invoice is lower than the MSRP or the sticker price, then the true dealer cost is even lower than that! Imagine the savings that you can get just by simply determining the auto dealer cost!

The true dealer cost can also be determined by using the formula: dealer invoice - holdback + destination charge.

You can start negotiating from there. First, you need to get the dealer cost and the invoice price of the car that you want. You can easily do this by requesting an online price quote.

Next, compare dealer prices and select the one with the best offer. If you are planning to buy, you should also search for new financing incentives. You might be qualified for 0% APR or low APR financing rates. If you want to lease, you should also pay attention to $0 down payment lease offers so you don't need to pay a lot of money upfront.

Just by simply comparing dealer prices, you can easily find the best offers and save thousands of dollars on your new car! Knowing the true dealer cost is the only way to pay below dealer invoice, guaranteed!

The true dealer cost will give you lower monthly payments, whether you want to buy or lease your new car.

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