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The Mazda Holiday Sale is Now in Full Swing!

December 14, 2011

Sporty cars are fun to drive. Mazda is the maker of sporty cars and SUV's that are not only fun and enjoyable to drive but are also easy on the pocket.

Mazda's Gift of Giving holiday event is now in full swing! What this means is that you can experience the lowest prices, pocket-friendly APR financing rates, and even the best lease deals on a new Mazda! To top it all off, Mazda dealers also offer rebates and loyalty cash offers for lucky car buyers.

Here are some of the latest offers and financing packages for the most popular cars in the Mazda lineup:

Mazda 2

Thinking about buying the Mazda 2? This is the right car for those who want an affordable and fuel-efficient solution to solve all types of commuting needs. Starting at a base price of $14,370, the Mazda 2 is offered at 0.9% APR with zero payments for the first three months or 90 days.

Mazda 3

The Mazda 3 is a strong contender in the compact car category. It delivers good looks along with a sporty driving demeanor and an elegantly-styled cabin. Base price starts at $15,200 for the sedan and $18,950 for the five-door hatchback, the Mazda 3 can be yours for a 60-month APR rate of 1.9%.

Mazda CX-7

Crossover vehicles should drive like the normal cars that they were derived from. The Mazda CX-7 is one such crossover that also offers a practical way to cruise around town. Prices start at $21,990 along with 0.0% APR financing under Mazda's Gift of Giving holiday event.

Mazda 6

It is easy to overlook the Mazda 6 when looking for a midsize family car. The truth is that the Mazda 6 is able to offer a steady and relaxed ride while still capable of conquering sharp corners at speed. the low price of $20,200 also makes it perfect for the value-oriented car shopper. The Mazda 6 comes with 0.0% APR financing and zero payments for 90 days.

The Mazda holiday sale will present to you a more affordable way to experience the thrills of driving your very own Mazda. Find the Mazda dealer near you that gives the best holiday deals.

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