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Strong Auto Sales Expected for 2011

December 09, 2010

Auto analysts expect car sales to spike during the first months of next year.

As an example GM had a 76 day's supply of automobiles last August, it has now increased to a 95 day’s supply, which is very high for the average of 67 days. This is correspondent to the facts that sales are recovering and also that end of year’s great discounts and aggressive marketing, make deals more appealing for everyone.

General Manager of GM’s dealer networks said: "We don't want to leave anything on the table. We don't want to be short," he said on last week's monthly sales call. "So we're very happy with our overall inventory levels."

This could also be a sign of automakers not being able to sell their vehicles according to customer’s demand. If so, they might have to discount cars in the near future. In all cases this will benefit the clients.

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