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Mercedes-Benz Holiday Lease Deals

December 17, 2010

Following a very good November of incentives and deals, December, continues to be the best month to acquire a lease deal or a new car. Mercedes-Benz is offering 1.9 percent auto loan financing and discounted leases.

Like many competitors, Mercedes Benz has the auto loan financing options for only 1.9 % on many of its 2011 models. Loan length is up to 36 months. You can opt for the same percentage loan on models M-Class and CLS-Class for up to 66 months.

You can also find leases on 2011 models for periods of 24, 27, 36 and 39 months. Monthly payments go from $339 to $1,349, depending on the car you choose. There is also a down payment you would need to pay when signing your lease and that also depends on the model.

Mercedes' auto loan rate incentive is quite similar to BMW's Holiday's offer. BMW tops it though, with an amazing 0.9 percent auto loan rates. BMW also is offering $1,500 or $2,500 holiday credit, to make the deal more appealing.

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