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Mazda recalls 2014 Mazda 6

June 02, 2014

If you own a 2014 Mazda 6 built between October 25th, 2012 and May 9th, 2013, your vehicle is likely to be recalled for a fuel tank issue. Mazda claims it is possible to overfill your fuel tank, which may lead to a jump in vehicle temperature. This can lead to an increase in fuel volume which can enter the charcoal canister. If this is happening, you will notice a malfunction indicator light on the dash, and fuel leakage may occur.

To fix this issue, Mazda will be installing an adapter in the fuel tank to reduce the probability of overfilling. The charcoal canister may need to be replaced as well if it is damaged. Mazda estimates the recall will affect 18,592 vehicles. No injuries have been reported because of the problem at this time.

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