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How to Negotiate a Good Car Deal

September 02, 2010

First step before buying a new or a pre-owned car is to learn the trade secrets of the auto dealers. Amongst these secrets, you will find the pricing system of the car and of course the "extras" that come along with the vehicle.

Extras will always add up to the base value of the car and dealers are very well trained to offer you any type of extras, which of course, do represent luxury and more comfort. Bottom-line, all dealers get commission when they sell extras, so they will do whatever they can to make you get extras along with the automobile.

Car dealers will also try to offer you auto loans, which in most cases have a higher interest rate. It is most recommendable to opt for a car loan at your trusted bank or any online financiers. Although, one positive thing about car loans offered by car dealers is that they will be easier to get if you have bad credit.

We highly recommend you first inform yourself about the car rate from external sources first, then with your own research done, choose an optimal dealer.

Another good resource and one that is becoming much more popular is the online free car price quote service, which results in many cases, cheaper and easier, as you can do everything from home and even safe on the dealer’s invoice.

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