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How to Get the Best Deals on a Brand New Car Part 3!

December 13, 2011

November to December is always the best time to purchase a brand new car. Here is part 3 on how to get the best deals on a brand new car.

1. Use the mind over the heart.

Yeah right. People will say that this is easier said than done. When shopping for the best deals in the market, it is important that you consider what your mind is telling you rather than what the heart is trying to dictate.

We all have a yearning to drive the fanciest and most spectacular sports car that money can buy but reality soon kicks in. Not only are sports car expensive and less practical but they are also more costly to insure and fairly expensive to maintain as well.

When choosing a new car, try to listen to what your head says rather than rely on your desires alone. There are compact cars that provide nifty handling for ten times less than the price of an Italian exotic. There are smaller crossover vehicles that provide the same amount of comfort and refinement as full-sized SUV's. And there are sport sedans that combine sportiness with luxury without the prohibitive price tag.

In this day of uncertainty, it is best to err on the safe side and remain practical especially when it comes to expensive purchases. If you follow your head over the what the heart has to say then it will be easier to find the best new car deals in town.

2. Make car dealers compete for your purchase.

We all know that the true dealer cost is a guarantee that you only get the lowest new car prices in the market but it is important to get multiple price quotes just in case.

Yes, the dealer near you might be known to provide the best service and the most competitive new car prices but it is important that you also consider what other dealerships have to offer.

Remember, the trick in getting the best deals on a brand new car is to ask for multiple price quotes and make the car dealers compete for your purchase.

How? This is where your negotiation skills will come into play.

Start by asking for as many price quotes as you can, particularly from competing dealers near your area. It does not necessarily mean that you should focus on a particular car brand alone. There are those that will offer more rebates and incentives compared to the car that you like.

Let the dealer know that you are currently seeking the best offers on a particular car and that you are interested to know their final asking price. This alone will make the car dealer think twice about giving you a non-competitive price.

Probably the best time to buy a new car is this holiday season. Find the true dealer cost of the car that you like along with other offers from competing dealers in your area. Compare the prices along with the offers in order to determine the best year-end deals for the money.

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