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How to Find the True Dealer Cost on a New Car

August 03, 2011

If you are currently searching for a new car, it is best to pay attention to the true dealer cost. Thinking that the dealer invoice price is all you need in order to get the lowest prices in the market?

You better reconsider all your options. The dealer invoice alone will not guarantee that car dealers will not run away with hidden profits and other rebates and incentives that would have otherwise been money in your pocket.

Learn the true dealer cost and you can instantly save hundreds to thousands less on a brand new car. It does not matter what kind of car you choose or what kind of make, model or brand: the true dealer cost is the ultimate way on how to find the lowest car prices in the market.

When negotiating the price of a new car, keep in mind the following equation:

True dealer cost = dealer invoice + options + destination charge – dealer holdback

If you take the time to figure out the true dealer cost then you will most likely drive away with the best leasing deal in town.

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