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Here are the Safest Cars in the USA for 2012

February 13, 2012

If you are a car maker, and you want to make it big in the American market, what do you think should your car be like?

Fast, yes. Americans love the sensation of speed, or a car that is responsive and agile at the same time.

Does the car have to be big, or in other words, a crossover SUV? Big pickup trucks, SUV's, and large sedans are perfect for cruising. It also allows you to carry more stuff or cargo, including passengers of all shapes and sizes.

But the most important factor will have to be safety. The car will have to be light enough while still maintaining a degree of safety. Safe cars are easier to sell, as car salesmen can use this leverage in order to close a sale. All that they have to say is "..you've got children, right? Well, folks, this is the best car for you! This car received a five star from the IIHS."

Before you know it, you are scribbling your signature on the dotted line--even without determining the true dealer cost.

Here is a short list of the safest cars and SUV's sold in the USA. All of them received the highest marks from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety in frontal, side, and rear impact crash reports. Safe cars are easy to sell, as consumers love a safe car. Take your pick and have a safe drive.

1. Chevrolet Cruze

2. BMW 5-Series

3. Cadillac CTS

4. Mercedes C-class

5. Mercedes E-Class

6. Subaru Outback

7. Subaru Forester

8. Hyundai Sonata

9. Volvo XC60

10. Buick LaCrosse

It was not too long ago that a lot of new cars fared miserably in the IIHS side impact tests in 2003. Now, the numbers are improving--a LOT. It is reported that over 90% of new cars manufactured in 2011 have head airbags and torso airbags as standard. This alone will greatly improve the integrity of the cabin if the car was hit in the side.

Making a car safer is no easy feat, especially when it comes to sports cars or high performance vehicles. Adding a lot of safety equipment and sensors to the car will contribute to greater weight, hence affecting performance.

You will notice that all of the cars on the list are either mid size or large sedans and mid size crossover vehicles. Small cars like the Ford Fiesta and the Chevrolet Sonic also scored well in crash safety tests, but there is no denying the fact that a larger car stands a better chance in a collision compared to a small car.

When buying a new car, you should also consider if the car is one of the safest on the road. Figuring out the true dealer cost will give you a lower price, but the safety ratings of a car will give you a safer ride.

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