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Dealership Storm Closures Open Big Savings

March 03, 2014

Automakers have a huge number to hit in 2014, 16 Million. That is the number of vehicles they planned to sell to new vehicle shoppers this year. Unfortunately for them, they have had to fight terribly cold temperatures, snow storms and other hazardous winter weather. It has even caused some of them to close their dealerships on the particularly bad days in the northern half of the country. Fortunately for vehicle shoppers, their slow start has prompted them to cut prices to spur sales.

In February, the average discount for a new vehicle was just over $2600. Last February it was reported that there was a 5% increase in those discounts. For instance, GM raised their incentives to more that $7000 in February, and Ford offered up to $8250 on 2013 F-150s. The Chevy Malibu, Ford Fusion and Chrysler’s Dart also received larger than usual discount numbers for February.

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