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Dealer Invoice Price and Values Fluctuate With Falling Gas Prices

November 24, 2014

As gas prices steadily rose over the last few years, fuel efficiency became a top factor to consider when car shopping, leading to increased popularity in hybrid models. However, with the recent drastic decrease- over 33 cents per gallon nationwide- consumers are saving more at the pump and concerning themselves less with fuel efficiency than other factors, such as safety, options, and style. As a result, larger vehicles, such as SUVs and the once nearly obsolete Hummer, are experiencing increased searches and purchases across the country, despite having one of the worst MPG ratings on the market.

How does this change in consumer priorities over fuel efficiency influence prices at the dealership? True dealer cost is not a concrete number; instead, it reflects the market value of a specific make and model. As fuel efficiency becomes less important to consumers, hybrids are losing popularity while larger vehicles are gaining popularity, thus affecting their value. For example, to increase sales and entice consumers to continue purchasing hybrids, dealers may lower the dealer price while simultaneously raising the price of SUVs to take advantage of consumer interest. Look out for these fluctuations while car hunting. Request a free price quote from TrueDealerCost.com and find the most up to date dealer invoice price on any make and model across the country.

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