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Better MPG Without Side Mirrors?

April 08, 2014

Side mirrors, or no side mirrors, that is the question. A question that could lead to slightly increased gas mileage for new cars and trucks, if Tesla and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers have anything to say about it. The problem is there are laws on the books about the necessity of side mirrors on all vehicles right now, but rear view cameras have already replaced the aerodynamically challenged side mirrors in new concept cars. But if Tesla and the Alliance are working hard to change the law in favor of the rear view cameras.

Why so much effort to change a law when most cars still have side mirrors? Well it’s the numbers. There are estimates that eliminating the side mirrors in favor of the rear view cameras can save 1 MPG on your typical Ford F-150. Multiply that 1 MPG saving times only one year of driving and the number could reach an estimated 22 million gallons of fuel. And that number is only estimated on the total number of F-150s on the road today, save every other vehicle on the road. If we could phase out the side mirror alone on all new cars, the fuel savings per year is definitely worth fighting for.

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