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Avoid the Three Biggest Regrets in Purchasing a New Vehicle

February 24, 2014

Buyer’s remorse. Everyone has had them at some time or another, but wouldn’t you like to avoid the pitfalls some other car buyers have fallen into? We have created a top three list of the biggest reasons for buyer’s remorse by new car buyers. Make sure you avoid these pitfalls and get your facts straight at TrueDealerCost.com

#3) Bought A Car From A Shady Salesman – This should be one of your biggest concerns, especially when considering extended warranties and in-house financing. Make sure to ask your friends for car dealerships and salespeople who they have dealt with and believe are honest.

#2) Bought A Car That Depreciated Too Quickly – This is another consideration that should be investigated. Buying a vehicle brand new off the lot does have its immediate depreciation as soon as you drive off. Let’s say 5% of the value. Another consideration is that the resale value may be low, so check that out as well.

#1) Didn’t Do The Research – The number one reason people have buyer’s remorse is something they can completely control. Make sure you get free quotes on vehicles from local dealers and do the research on the topics listed above. TrueDealerCost.com has all of the information you need to make an informed decision and save the most money on your next vehicle purchase.

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