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5 Dealer Marketing Lures to Avoid

January 21, 2014

I’m sure you’ve seen the vehicle television and radio advertisements that offer you everything under the sun to get you to come into their dealership. Low finance rates, low initial down payments, or even 0% financing are everywhere enticing you to join the group. Well, buyer beware because some of these techniques have been proven illegal ways to advertise to potential car buyers.

Deceptive Pricing
Be sure you write down the advertised price and get free quotes from TrueDealerCost.com to make sure your dealership makes good on their ads.

Deceptive Teaser Payments
Some dealerships have been offering very low monthly prices for an initial period, but spike the prices later on in your term. Make sure you know if your payments stay the same or increase.

False $0 up-front leasing claims
Some companies were advertising that consumers wouldn’t have to pay anything up front to lease a car. This may not be the case and needs to be clarified with your dealer.

Undisclosed balloon payments
Watch out for dealers who advertised low monthly payments without clearly disclosing that buyers would owe a final balloon payment.

Hidden Rates
Dealers are claiming to offer 0% for 60 months on many new vehicles. But as it turned out, the rate may applied only if people bought a new car for up to a certain dollar amount.

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