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3 Tips to True Dealer Costs

January 27, 2014

Your local dealership has probably already started marketing their “First Sale of The Year” events for 2014 and are waiting for you to take the bait and come in. They want you to finance a new vehicle with them and pay the prices they put on the stickers. But with a little research and preparedness, you can find the true dealer costs and get a stellar deal on a new vehicle.

  1. Financing – Every dealership wants you to use their finance team to get approved for an auto loan. They will seduce you with no-hassle offers and low interest rates, but be wary. Dealerships work with many lenders and receive commissions on your business if you finance with them. Instead of financing when you get to the dealership, stop by your bank or Credit Union and get pre-approved if possible. His can instantly save you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

  2. Sticker Price – Many people do not realize that the sticker price on a vehicle is a starting point for negotiations on their terms. Don’t be fooled with their inflated prices and find out what the bottom line price at TrueDealerCost.com. Then take your price quote to them and begin the negotiations on your terms.

  3. Dealer Rebates and Incentives – After you receive the lowest price from TrueDealerCost.com, make sure you check out the dealer rebates and incentives that are offered by the manufacturer. These can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars as well. Don’t neglect this step.

Take these three steps and save money on a new vehicle today!

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