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3 Dealership Tricks to Avoid When Buying a New Car

February 11, 2014

Car shopping can be quite tedious. Not only should you spend a few hours researching the types of vehicle you want to purchase in advance, but also the car buying process at the dealership can be a long, stressful event. Being prepared before you go in to the dealership is the best way to get the lowest price and dictate the terms of your new purchase. Here are 4 tricks to be aware of when you are at your local dealership.

1) Sticker Markdown For In-House Financing – Beware of the details if your auto dealer offers a trade of lower sticker price in exchange for financing at their dealership instead of your bank. They may be giving you’re a higher interest rate that may cost more in the long run than the immediate savings on the sticker price.

2) Lack of vehicle information – Auto dealers will frequently give you a high quote initially to see if you know about the value of the vehicle. They start high because they are expecting a negotiation, but if you accept their price initially, their job is easy and you pay more for your vehicle. Get a vehicle quote at TrueDealerCost.com to know exactly what the value is in your area.

3)“Offer Only Good Today” – Do not fall for this one! The “offer is only good through…” is normally a gimmick. It’s a Call to Action, or CTA, to get you to make a decision sooner than you’d like. Be patient and make it seem like you are not in any hurry.

So grab a few quotes from TrueDealerCost.com and be informed before you make your new vehicle purchase.

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