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1. The end of the month is generally the best time to pay low prices.
Dealerships are hard-pressed to keep cars moving on and off their lots. The longer a car or truck stays on the lot the more it costs the dealer. The best time to buy a car is after it has sat on the lot without interest for a couple weeks.

2. To get a great price and avoid haggling attain a price quote first.
A free price quote gives you all the pricing information available on the new car or truck of your dreams. When you know what a car is worth you can determine the best possible offer you can make to reduce the amount of time you spend going back and for with the salesperson.

3. Avoid add-ons, they only serve to give me addition profit.
Add-ons are extra charges you may find on the bill of sale. Things such as rust proofing and paint protection are common add-ons. These are not necessary for a new vehicle and really only serve to put more cash in the pocket of the salesperson.

4. We will try to distract you during the negotiation process.
Car salespeople have many tactics to keep control of the negotiation process. Discussing multiple deals at once (price, trade-in value, financing options) allows the salesperson to try to confuse you and slide in higher prices while making it seem like you’re saving money. The salesperson may also leave the room to go discuss things with their manager. This is a way of stalling negotiations and keeping the control in their hands by determining the pace. It is important to remain confident throughout the process and maintain control and direction.

Request your free price quote today and with the click of a button you will positively affect your car buying experience.

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