Know The Invoice Prices on New Cars – Save Thousands

Thinking about buying a new car? Start by finding invoice prices on new cars so you can save thousands of dollars.

You can use the invoice price to determine the average market price, or the price that other people are paying for the car that. The road to affordable car buying starts here. Request a FREE online price quote and find all the pricing information that you need!

The Price You Should Aim to Pay- Dealer Invoice VS. MSRP

The dealer invoice will show the actual amount that the dealer paid for the vehicle that you wish to buy. The MSRP is the sticker price, and will include factory-installed vehicle options along with dealer profits.

The dealer invoice will provide you with a lower selling price, probably hundreds to thousands of dollars below the MSRP, but the dealer is still making a profit even if they sell you the car at the stated invoice price. This is because the factory invoice will not include the dealer holdback.

The factory allocates a percentage of the MSRP to the dealership in the form of the holdback. If you deduct the holdback from the invoice price, you can arrive at the average market price.

Start by requesting a FREE price quote. You will immediately find the invoice price and the true dealer cost of the car that you want, along with:

Request a free true dealer cost price quote today!


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