Discover The Secrets Between True Dealer Cost & The Invoice Price On Cars

Understanding the differences between true dealer cost and the dealer invoice price on cars could end up saving you $1,000’s of dollars.

For years, one the biggest secrets in the car business has been the true dealer price of a car. In the past, manufacturers would keep their dealerships far apart to limit a customer’s ability to compare pricing. We have made it easy to comparison shop different dealerships .

The dealer invoice price is the amount a car dealership pays the manufacturer for each car it buys. However, it is not common knowledge that the dealer’s invoice includes a “hold-back” – where the manufacturer overcharges their dealers by a certain percentage of either the MSRP or dealer’s invoice price; then later repays that difference at scheduled intervals.

This system puts more money in the dealer’s pocket and dealerships are in a position to offer the consumer a new car at the factory invoice price – while still making a profit on each transaction.

You’ll benefit from having price quotes from multiple car dealerships by requesting FREE Car Quote – use the insider information you receive to easily see which is your best offer from local dealerships bidding for your business. No pressure. No hassle.

Request a FREE Car Quote, it’s easy to make an informed decision and be confident when buying or leasing a new car.

Request a free true dealer cost price quote today!


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