Proven Way on How to Get a Car Below The Dealer Cost!

Pay below new car dealership invoice price and save thousands on a new car. Learn how to make dealers compete for your business today!

Those who are considering buying a new car should definitely consider the true dealer cost as a key part of the process. Other people might tell you otherwise but the truth has finally been revealed: if you want to save hundreds to thousands of dollars on a brand new car and would want to learn the ways to get a car below the dealer cost then you have come to the right place.

The Truth About the True Dealer Cost Finally Revealed!

There is nothing special about the true dealer cost and it does not consist of hidden strategies and tricks that will miraculously help you save money. It is actually a fair and simple formula that utilizes the dealer invoice to come up with a price that is fair to you and the car dealer. Remember, you also need to consider the profit margins of the dealer as they need to earn money in order to continue doing business. However, this does not mean that you should purchase your new car at the stated sticker price. It is safe to assume that together with the dealer invoice, the true dealer cost will enable you to get a car without using up all your life’s savings.

What is the Difference Between the True Dealer Cost and Dealer Invoice?

Let’s make one thing clear: if you previously heard that the dealer invoice is all you will ever need to negotiate the price of the car then you heard wrong. The dealer invoice or invoice price is the amount that the car dealer paid for the car. In short, it is the wholesale price where the manufacturer gives a special price for the purchase. The true dealer cost will utilize the dealer invoice along with other variables in order to come up with the best price.

Get a Car Below the Dealer Cost and Save Money on Your Brand New Car!

Want to save more on your new car? The true dealer cost can be determined by using the simple formula below:

TDC (true dealer cost) = dealer invoice (invoice price) + vehicle options + destination charges – dealer holdback

The dealer holdback should always be deducted from the actual cost or dealer invoice. This amount will be paid back by the manufacturer after the sale of the car.

Finally, the Easiest Way to Get a Car Below the Dealer Cost

Get a car below the dealer cost by simply utilizing a free, online service that will allow you to take advantage of the best financing deals in the market! Get a free, online dealer quote today and find out how new car shoppers save more money on their new car purchases.

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