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What is the Dealer Invoice Price of New Cars?

Some say that the invoice price is the lowest price that you can pay for your new car. Since the invoice price represents the base cost of the car, many think that this is the actual amount that the dealership paid to the factory.

The dealer cost is actually closer to the actual amount the dealership paid for the vehicle. Dealerships receive special considerations from the factory, such as the holdback and certain factory-to-dealer incentives. The holdback is based on the selling price of the car, and will be paid back by the factory once the dealership sells the vehicle. Incentives are also given by the factory as an additional benefit for a job well done.

Since the invoice price will not show you the holdback and the incentives, determining the dealer cost will reveal the true amount that the dealership paid for the car.

Negotiating for a New Car

Follow these simple steps that will teach you how to properly negotiate for your new vehicle.

Step 1: Your goal is to arrive at a lower selling price. Hence, you should negotiate the selling price or the MSRP before anything else. Request a FREE price quote to know the invoice price of new cars so you will have an idea where to base your negotiations.

Step 2: After agreeing upon the selling price of the vehicle, you should discuss your financing options. If you have a high FICO score, the dealer will try to offer you alternative financing options such as low APR or 0% APR auto loans. Of course, you don't have to take the dealer's word for it. You should still do your part in researching the average interest rates for your credit score by visiting your local credit union or bank.

Step 3: Now is the time to discuss your trade-in. In order to get a fair deal on your trade-in, you should determine the average market value of your old vehicle. You can do this online.

Step 4: Subtract any rebates and cash incentives to arrive at the final selling price. You can apply the cash rebates to your down payment. This will reduce the amount that needs to be financed, and will give you lower monthly payments as well.

Can a Car Dealer Sell Below the Invoice Price?

Yes! Dealerships do this all the time. They create the impression of not earning anything from the sale by simply offering you 'below dealer invoice' prices. In truth, this is not the case. Dealerships only use this as an advertising stunt to attract more customers.

Dealerships sell cars at different prices to different customers. They can do this because the holdback and the incentive will provide them the flexibility to increase or decrease the invoice price, while still maintaining profits.

Don't expect the dealer to offer you below invoice prices! No matter how low they go, they can still earn huge profits. This is the reason you should determine the dealer cost in order to truly determine the real invoice prices on new cars—the price that is closer to what the factory charges for each vehicle.

Requesting a FREE online price quote will provide you the key so you can unlock the best deals and the lowest prices on all new cars. Get started on your new car shopping today!

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