Learn How & When You Can Buy Below Dealer Invoice On Cars In #location_state_full#

Buying a new car below the dealer invoice price isn’t hard when you know about the true dealer cost, along with the best times during the year to negotiate with new car dealerships. Take a minute to read about common scams that unscrupulous car salespeople might try to pull, so you walk away a winner and not a victim.

When you request a free, no-obligation-to-buy new car price quote you’ll receive the true dealer cost on new cars , along with available rebates and incentives to get the best possible deal on a new car. When you’re holding all the cards, you’ll turn the tables on car dealerships

What Is The True Dealer Cost For A New Car & How Does It Compare To The Factory Invoice Price?

To get the best deal on a new car you need to be able to navigate through the smoke and mirror tactics new car dealers employ. One way new car buyers become confused is with factory invoice price, as they’re told that its the ‘real’ cost a new car dealership paid to the automaker.

The factory invoice will list the base price of a car, along with factory installed options. It also includes charges to have the car transported to the dealership (destination charges), along with a dealer holdback and overhead assistance.

While the destination charges must be paid by the dealership to the manufacturer and are consequently a non-negotiable charge. The assistance from the manufacturer in the form of a holdback is returned to the dealership. This is usually around two to three percent of either the factory invoice price or the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).

Cutting to the chase, what this means is that the true dealer cost is much, much lower than the factory invoice price andsubstantially lower than the MSRP.

How Is It Possible For A Dealership To Sell Below the Dealer Invoice On Cars?

The answer is, with help from the manufacturer and here’s how the game is played. How many times have you driven by a car lot and seen the same cars sitting there for a long time? Probably a lot, and the fact is automakers get worried when their dealers aren’t making sales quickly. Dealerships can’t buy new cars if they have a lot of existing inventory that’s not moving.

Tis The Season To Save & Buy Lower Than the Dealer Invoice Price on Cars

Okay, now you know about all of the secret ways a car dealership generates money from each new car they sell, so let’s take it a step further and talk about when they’re most vulnerable.

Don’t Fall For These 7 Common Dealer Tricks

So now you know how and when you can buy a new car below dealer invoice. The only thing left to do is start researching new car prices and available offers by requesting your free, no obligation new car price quote.

Hold the winning hand when you negotiate for the deal of a lifetime on a new car.

Request a free true dealer cost price quote today!


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