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Auto Dealer Invoice Price VS. Factory Invoice Price VS. MSRP VS. Dealer Cost

The auto dealer invoice is the actual price that the factory charged the dealer for each purchase. The dealer invoice will also include any vehicle options or standard equipment that come with the vehicle.

The factory invoice will include the base invoice price or dealer invoice of the car including vehicle options and destination charges. The trouble with the factory invoice is that it will not show you the factory-to-dealer-incentives that are usually given by the manufacturer to the car dealer. These types of incentives can lower the amount they actually pay by hundreds to thousands of dollars.

The vehicle MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) or the sticker price is the price that you will see posted on the window or windshield of the vehicle. Like the name would suggest, the MSRP is only the suggested price, the dealership can charge any price that they want for the car.

The dealer cost is what the vehicle actually cost the dealer, once the holdback, dealer incentives and other bonuses are taken into consideration. The dealer cost makes it possible for a dealer to sell cars at auto dealer invoice prices, while still making a profit. You should always negotiate up from the invoice price, not down from the MSRP.

The Auto Dealer 'four-square' Game and How You Can Beat It

You should be aware of the 'four-square' game. Some dealerships will utilize this game to trick you into paying more for your new car than you should.

It all starts with the salesman. He or she will bring a piece of paper to the table, fold it into four sections or squares, and utilize each square to write down; the trade-in value of your old car, the purchase price of the new vehicle, the down payment required, and your monthly vehicle payments.

This trick was designed to manipulate the buyer and focus on the monthly payments instead of the overall price of the vehicle. You should be aware that getting the lowest monthly payments will start by negotiating the purchase price of the vehicle. The dealer 'four-square' game will basically fool you into thinking that you are getting the best deal, when in truth; you are getting the exact opposite. The salesman will use this game so you pay less attention to the total purchase price, which is what really matters.

In essence, this game will put the dealership and the salesman in total control of the negotiation process.

In order to avoid being scammed by the dealer 'four square' game, there are a few simple tips that you need to keep in mind:

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