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How to Get Wholesale Auto Prices on New Cars in #location_state_full#!

February 20, 2014

When shopping for a new car it's good to have as much information as possible, this is where we come in! After reading this short article you will gain the knowledge and tools to shop for a new car and get the best deal possible.
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What Are Wholesale Auto Prices?

The wholesale auto prices of new cars refer to what the manufacturer charges the dealer for the vehicles. This price can also be known as the invoice price; however the invoice price may have other features built into it such as factory installed options. In the next paragraph you will see that there are certain steps you can take to improve your chances of getting wholesale auto prices on the car, truck or SUV that you have your eye on.

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The Dealer Invoice Price and How It Relates To the True Dealer Cost

The wholesale price or dealer invoice price has a close relationship with the dealer cost. The dealer cost makes up part of the invoice price, seeing as it is the amount the dealer really has to pay for the car, truck or SUV. This is because the dealer invoice price has a 2-4% holdback built into it, which is returned to the dealer after the vehicle is sold. The holdback helps the dealer with the costs associated with keeping the car on the lot and any other fees needed. The dealer invoice price also doesn't take into account any factory to dealer incentives that serve to further reduce the invoice price to the true dealer cost.

Knowing about the relationship between the dealer cost and the dealer invoice price will help you during your negotiations. You will know that due to the existence of the dealer cost, the dealership can still make a profit even if they sell you a model below or at the dealer cost. Use this to your advantage and drive off with a great deal on a new car today!

2 Tips On When To Get the Best Deal on a New Car, Truck or SUV!

Because of the dealer cost, a car dealer can still make a profit even if they sell a model below or at the new car wholesale price. Here are some tips to help you get a price at or below wholesale auto prices.

  1. Try to look into slower selling models, models that have an excess presence in the market, previous year models and those in unpopular colors. These types of cars are ones that the dealer will want to get rid of quickly; as such they may be more inclined to give you a great deal.

  2. Try to time your buy around the holidays (especially Christmas) and the end of the month and week. These are the times where dealers will be rushing to meet their quotas and as such they may offer great deals to secure your business.

Now that you are armed with the information you need to get wholesale auto prices on the new vehicle you want, get started today by requesting your free new car price quote! Drive off with a great deal on a new car in !

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