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What is Dealer Cost on a Truck?

April 26, 2011

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When you are ready to buy a new truck you need to focus on two main questions- “What is the dealer cost on new trucks?” and “Where can I find dealer cost information on new trucks?

The questions seem simple enough, but the answers can have a huge impact on your wallet! To uncover the answer we must look at the life timeline of a new truck.

The Birth of a Truck

All new trucks start out at a factory where they are assembled. They are built to exact specifications and in bulk amounts called “fleets.” Once these fleets are built and assembled the manufacturer examines them and assigns them values.

New Truck Dealer Invoice Price

The first price the manufacturer determines is the price it will charge the dealerships for the new truck. Dealerships purchase truck fleets from the manufacturer. Since multiple trucks are being bought at one time, the manufacturer offers discounted pricing. The manufacturer allows the dealership to purchase each truck at actual value.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Value

The second price determined is the manufacturer’s suggested retail price or the “MSRP.” This is a suggested price to the dealership of how much they charge buyers for the new truck. The manufacturer considers production costs, delivery costs, and dealership profit when calculating this price. However, since this is only a “suggested” price dealerships don’t actually have to use it.

Truck Sticker Price

The last price a truck is labeled with is the sticker price. This is an inflated price the dealership sets so that it can profit off the sale of the truck. The sticker price can sometimes be thousands of dollars more than the actual value of the new truck.

When you look at these prices it is obvious that dealer invoice price is the lowest and thus the best price possible. However, since it is so low it may seem impossible to ever pay. This is not true though! Prepared buyers pay real invoice cost for new trucks all the time.

How Can You Pay True Invoice Cost?

One main cost has been hidden until now- True Dealer Cost. The true dealer cost on a truck can be lower than the invoice price.

Manufacturers offer incentives to dealerships for selling their vehicles. These incentives return money to the dealership once they make the sale. Even though the dealership may pay invoice price, they often get some of this money back.

To pay below invoice cost request a free, no obligation price quote. Your price quote will provide a full pricing write up of the new truck you want to buy. You will be able to see the amazingly low invoice price and dealer cost price. Negotiating for lower prices has never been easier!

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