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Want to Pay Less for a Volkswagen Jetta? Then the Volkswagen Jetta Dealer Invoice is What You Need!

September 19, 2011

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The Volkswagen Jetta is the best-selling VW in the United States, and it is all probably for a good reason. Volkswagen cars have a habit of providing one of the best-appointed and upscale cabins in the market. New car buyers love the expensive feel of the Jetta along with the smooth and refined ride of the suspension. The new Volkswagen Jetta is made cheaper and simpler by VW and this means that those in the market for an affordable and reliable compact car should definitely consider this venerable compact for a new car. Keep in mind, however, that the Volkswagen Jetta dealer invoice and true dealer cost will provide you with most honest new car prices on the market.

Shocking Truth Revealed! Volkswagen Jetta Dealer Invoice Demystified!

Do not be fooled by dealer adverts that promote ‘pay below invoice price’ schemes as this is just a mere marketing tactic to lure potential customers. There is something about the Volkswagen dealer invoice that car shoppers do not know: the dealer holdback.

What is the Big Deal about the Dealer Holdback?

Did you know that the dealer holdback is around 2% to 3% of the MSRP of the car and will most likely end up on the car dealer’s bank account? Car manufacturers allocate the dealer holdback for potential expenses that may arise from the sale of the car. The dealer holdback should not be shouldered by the car buyer but in most cases, inexperienced car shoppers lose hundreds to thousands of dollars from the dealer holdback alone. Add to the fact that the Volkswagen Jetta dealer invoice might already be understated even before adding the dealer holdback.

How to Buy a Volkswagen Jetta Without Breaking the Bank...

Smart car shoppers know better, they understand that the Volkswagen Jetta dealer invoice alone is not a guarantee that they get the lowest price. Instead, they also refer to the true dealer cost in order to figure out how much money to pay for the car. It is time that you turn into a smart car shopper yourself. It all begins with determining the true dealer cost.

Smart Car Shopping Starts Here: Get the Lowest Prices on a New Volkswagen Jetta...

You need not visit every VW dealer in town in order to find the best dealer that offers the lowest price. Determine the Volkswagen Jetta dealer invoice and true dealer cost instantly by simply asking for a free online quote. You will not only determine the right price to pay for the car but you can also find the Volkswagen dealer that is able to offer the best deals in the market. Take advantage of a free, no obligations new car price quote and start your smart car shopping today.

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