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Why is the Volkswagen Dealer Invoice Significant when Buying a New Car?

September 19, 2011

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If you want a new Volkswagen, you should pay attention to the Volkswagen dealer invoice in order to figure out the lowest price that you have to pay. In this day and age of financial difficulty, everyone is looking for the best and most affordable deals in town. Since buying a new car is a significant investment, you need to figure out how to make the most out of your hard-earned money. There is no better way to save money on a new car than by knowing the Volkswagen dealer invoice.

Hold On! There is more about the Volkswagen Dealer Invoice!

For those who are in the know, the Volkswagen dealer invoice is the price that the car dealer paid for the car. Car manufacturers will naturally offer the car at a discounted or wholesale price and this is what the dealer invoice is set to reflect. However, the dealer invoice remains an inaccurate tool when negotiating the price of the car. This is due to the presence of the dealer holdback.

Volkswagen Dealer Invoice: Understanding the Dealer Holdback.

There are two important things that you need to remember about the dealer holdback:

  1. The dealer holdback is roughly 3% of the MSRP or sticker price of the car and is a significant amount that gives money to your pocket and
  2. The dealer holdback will most likely end up on the dealer’s pocket if you fully rely on the Volkswagen dealer invoice when negotiating the price of the car.

What you need to do is determine the true dealer cost along with the dealer invoice price.

Volkswagen True Dealer Cost: Determine the Price to Pay for a new Volkswagen.

The Volkswagen true dealer cost can best be explained by following the computation:

VW TDC (true dealer cost) = dealer invoice + destination charge + options – holdback

True price = VW TDC + taxes and licensing – dealer rebates

If you can determine the true price of any type of VW car using the above given formula, then you are on your way in finding the best and most inexpensive deals in the market.

Introducing a Faster and Easier Way to Get the Volkswagen Dealer Invoice and True Dealer Cost

Budget-friendly car shoppers rejoice! You simply need to request for a free and no obligations quote in order to find the Volkswagen dealer invoice and true dealer cost. In this way, you can safely negotiate the price of the car at the VW dealer while taking comfort in the fact that you will never get scammed or victimized by car dealers who are only after your hard earned cash. Ask for a free quote today.

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