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Secrets of the True Dealer Invoice Price Revealed!

March 24, 2012

If you are buying a new car, you should know the secrets behind the true dealer invoice price. This will help you to determine the fair price while still saving money in the process.

The Dealer Invoice Price vs the True Dealer Cost

Think of the dealer invoice price as a receipt. It is a piece of paper that indicates how much the automaker is charging for each new car. The dealer invoice is not the MSRP. It is far from it. The dealer invoice includes the base price of each new vehicle and will include the following:

  • Destination charges
  • Advertising fees
  • Vehicle options
  • Holdback

The true dealer invoice price is different from the true dealer cost. The invoice price is not a true reflection of how much the dealer paid for the car because it still contains hidden profits and incentives in the form of the dealer holdback. If you want to pay less than what others are paying for the same car, you should look into the true dealer cost of the car that you want and try to pay as close to it as possible.

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