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Why the Toyota Prius Invoice Price is Important When Buying a New Prius

September 19, 2011

Learn How To Use The Toyota Prius Dealer Invoice Price To Put Money Back Into Your Pocket!

The new Toyota Prius is one of the most technologically advanced vehicles to be ever sold on the market today. It is also one of the most fuel-efficient, too. The Prius can achieve up to 50 miles per gallon in mixed city and highway driving and does so in a refined and comfortable fashion. If you are in the market for a new hybrid car, you should take the time to determine the Toyota Prius invoice price in order to know that you are paying the right amount for your brand new hybrid car.

How to Better Understand the Toyota Prius Invoice Price...

Most car buyers think that by being presented with the invoice price of the car, they instantly think that they got one of the lowest deals in the market. In an ideal world, knowing the invoice price should be enough to guarantee that car buyers get the lowest price but this is not the case. While some dealers will advertise that prices for the Toyota Prius are just a few dollars above or below the invoice price, this alone does not ensure that you pay the lowest amount for a brand new car.

Factors That Affect the Toyota Prius Invoice Price...

Understand the fact that while the Toyota Prius invoice price is the closest that you can get in determining the price that the dealer paid for the car, car dealers will always come up with ways on how to earn profit even when selling the car at below invoice prices. It is also important to know that the invoice price contains a hidden amount called the ‘dealer holdback.’ This amount is around 3% of the MSRP of the car and will be given back to the dealer by the manufacturer after the sale of the car. This is the reason why the invoice price alone is not enough to make sure that you pay the right amount for a new car.

How to Quickly Find the Toyota Prius Invoice Price and True Dealer Cost...

The true dealer cost will provide you with accurate pricing information that also contains the Toyota Invoice price. You can everything you need to negotiate the price that you want by simply requesting a free online quote. This alone will give you all the necessary knowledge regarding the Toyota Prius invoice price along with the true dealer cost so you can determine the Toyota dealer that offers the lowest selling price for the Prius.

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