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How to Get the Lowest Prices on a New Toyota Corolla With Hidden Toyota Corolla Invoice Price...

September 19, 2011

No Matter What Toyota You Are Looking For Take Advantage of a Free Online New Car Price Quote and Discover Toyota Invoice Price and All The Savings That Come With it!

The Toyota Corolla is one of the most popular and bestselling cars of all time. This all due in part to Toyota’s creed in providing a car that is affordable, cheap to run and capable of lasting a lifetime. You cannot be blamed for wanting a Corolla when in the market for a compact car. Rest assured that you have made the right choice. However, car shopping is not just about choosing a car. You need to determine the Toyota Corolla invoice price and dealer cost in order to save money on a brand new car.

Things You Need to Know about the Toyota Corolla Invoice Price

Every car shopper knows that the invoice price is an accurate representation of how much the car dealer paid the manufacturer for all the cars on the lot. What the majority of people do not realize is that the invoice price already contains a lot of profit-making margins that allows the car dealer to earn even more on each purchase. For all you know, the invoice price may not even be the real amount that the car dealer paid for a particular car.

Dealer Holdback: How Does This Affects the Toyota Corolla Invoice Price?

Here are things that you need to know about the dealer holdback:

  1. The dealer holdback is approximately around 3% of the sticker price or MSRP of the car.
  2. The holdback is used to compensate for any expenses that the dealer will incur on the sale of the car. Car dealers often say that the holdback is used to cover expenses such as advertisements, sales commissions and so on. In truth, the dealer holdback should be reserved for fleet car shoppers as a discount for purchasing multiple units.
  3. The Toyota Corolla invoice price will most likely contain the dealer holdback and is most often left unnoticed. Dealers earn profits with the dealer holdback.
  4. The true dealer cost is a more faithful representation of how much you need to pay for the car. The true dealer cost will have the dealer holdback deducted from the equation, in turn, giving you the best possible price for the Toyota Corolla.

The Quickest Way to Find the Toyota Corolla Invoice Price and Dealer Cost

Smart car shoppers know the benefits of asking for a free online price quote. You not only gain a better understanding of the Toyota Corolla invoice price and dealer cost but you also get to choose the nearest Toyota dealer that offers the lowest possible price. In this way, you need not leave the comforts of home just to get the latest new car prices on the market today. Try a free quote today and start saving!

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