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Top Gear Trio Are Back for Season 2 of The Grand Tour

October 07, 2017

It's autumn and that means trick or treating, bonfires and new seasons of TV shows. To our excitement, we've learned that season 2 of The Grand Tour will be released on Amazon sometime soon. It's not clear exactly when that will be but it probably means November 2017. Richard Hammond announced, in a tweet, that the show will be online for streaming on November 19th before deleting the tweet. Maybe that was a prank. Whenever it's coming, we can't wait.

Season 1 of The Grand Tour was like a continuation of the legendary original Top Gear show except each episode was filmed at different locations with live audiences. It was a relief for many of us, since we weren't sure what was going to happen to our favorite car goons. In the upcoming season, according to Autoblog, the episodes will all be filmed in England. Autoblog speculates that the reason for that is the health condition of our stars. Jeremy Clarkson has had pneumonia and Richard Hammond recently suffered a car crash. They're both alright.

The guys have travelled for parts of the new season that weren't filmed with an audience. The list of destinations includes Colorado, Croatia, New York, Spain and Mozambique, where it looks like the guys might have filmed a muddy special (check out Autoblog's preview). Top Gear and Grand Tour "specials" normally involve adventure, obstacles, long-distance travel, and the hosts' typical comedy.

The sneak preview of season 2 shows a bunch of older cars, a Ripsaw EV2 (a tank-like thing), an airplane, a Bugatti and something that looks like a really fast electric vehicle. Bloody good fun. For readers, there will be a book called "The Grand Tour Guide to The World," which will supplement the show. It will be on bookshelves and on Amazon at the end of October. While we may never see a new episode of the original Top Gear again; one that includes Hammond, Clarkson and May, we're pretty psyched about this new season of The Grand Tour. Three cheers!

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