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The Baddest Aftermarket Off Road Tuned 4x4s

March 17, 2017

Devolro Hunter

The Devolro Hunter is a "military grade hunting truck" with loads of upgrades including 600-lb reinforced CV joints, fender flares, stainless steel skid plate, steel front bumper, front and rear Warn winches, waterproofing system for engine (including snorkel), cargo area lighting, full sound deadening material and a suite of body upgrades. It's safe to say this truck beats the majority of hunting trucks you'd find in the woods. It sells for $123,500.

Devolro also manufactures six additional off-road vehicles. Some are armored and, needless to say, they're all bad to the bone.

Howe and Howe Bulldog

Howe and Howe's monstrous Bulldog 4x4 is based on International's 7400 truck. It was meant for firefighting uses but is highly customizable to meet a variety of needs, say its manufacturers. Engineered to deliver 2,000 gallons of water into the middle of nowhere, it shouldn't have any trouble carrying a few friends or a couple of motorbikes into the woods.

The Bulldog has giant 54" Hemmit tires, weighs about 13 tons, holds 80 gallons of fuel, has a ground clearance of over 2 feet, comes with a 15,000lb (min) winch and front and rear differential lockers. An extended cab version is available, as well as a single cab version.

Conquest Evade

Conquest made waves in the industry when it created the Knight XV 4x4, a luxury off-road beast you'd imagine someone like Vladimir Putin owning. The Knight is big and heavy, however. Therefore, Conquest's following vehicle was designed to be more nimble. Unlike the Knight, the Evade isn't armored. It sits on the Ford F-550 Super Duty's Chassis and has joystick-controlled, roof-mounted search lights, FLIR night vision, and air ride suspension. You can get it with a diesel or gasoline engine.


INKAS is an armored vehicle company that specializes in off road 4x4s. The Sentry APC is one of the smaller off roaders the company makes but it's not small in general. It seats eight and has a 6.7L diesel V8 engine that makes 362 horsepower. It can withstand the force of a hand grenade explosion, just in case.

The Sentry was designed for SWAT and military uses. Therefore, it's loaded with gadgets that fit the bill. It has a 360 degree gunport, electronic night vision system, wide FOV (panoramic view) from the driver's seat, advanced door locks and an escape hatch. The only downside to all this for civilians is that the Sentry is not luxury. It's definitely more of a utilitarian vehicle.

Earth Cruiser GZL

This slide-in camper offers a more affordable alternative to the previous three vehicles in this list. Technically, it's not a modified vehicle. It's just an add-on for your Toyota Tacoma or Nissan truck. Of course, your truck's suspension remains the same unless you modify it yourself, making this option less-than-idea for bumpy terrain. The camper seats four comfortably in a dinette space and the roof is tall enough for people of almost 7 feet, standing straight. For long journeys, Earth Cruiser can fit your vehicle with solar panels and water filtration systems.

Looking for something a little more sturdy? Check out Earth Cruiser's FX and EXP models, based on Fuso (Daimler) 4x4 chassis.

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