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Find True Dealer Costs this Thanksgiving Holiday and Save

November 21, 2013

Oh the holiday season is upon us and so is the best time to buy a new car or truck. Knowing the truth about actual dealer costs and taking advantage of the best prices of the year is the way to an amazing deal on a new car.

Actual Dealer Costs

This is the time of year where you have the most room for negotiation to purchase a new car. The holiday season is known for low interest rates and great new car lease deals, but if you know what the actual dealer cost of the vehicle you want is, you will have an even greater advantage this holiday. Actual dealer costs are lower than "sticker", MSRP, or even "invoice" pricing, because automakers give dealerships deals on new car orders.

What is Dealer Invoice Pricing?

During the holiday season, local car dealerships start looking for what type and how many of next year,s models (2014) they are going to stock on their lots. Dealerships receive huge price savings on each car if they "buy in bulk", but they don’t tell you that when quoting the invoice price. The invoice pricing a dealership will give you is what it would have cost to buy one car, not 20 cars. Get the true dealer cost by requesting a quote from us now!

The Holiday Savings

Thanksgviving is the best time to negotiate with your dealership about the prices of your new car. They are frantically trying to get rid of all of their inventory to make room for next year, so knowing the dealerships have plenty of room to negotiate, puts you in the driver’s seat literally and figuratively. Get the facts by requesting a free true dealer cost quote today!

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