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Negotiate A Great Deal Below The Subaru Dealer Invoice Price

February 28, 2014

It isn't difficult to negotiate a good deal on a new Subaru if you have the tools you need before you start negotiations.  In this article we're going to let you in on how you could negotiate a price well below the MSRP and much closer to, if not below, the Subaru dealer invoice price.

Then, after you have requested your free, no obligation to buy Subaru price quotes, and have received the competing price quotes from multiple local Subaru dealers, along with their dealer invoice price, you can use the information to create a bidding war for your business.

When you combine Subaru dealers competing to make the sale with available Subaru incentives being offered in , you'll drive home with a sweet deal on a new Subaru.

  • A Hassle-Free/Haggle-Free Subaru Buying Experience
  • Find Available Subaru Rebates & Limited Time Only Incentives
  • Available APR Financing Offers
  • Low Available Monthly Subaru Payments
  • 100% Free, No Obligation Subaru Price Quotes

How To Buy A New Subaru Below The Subaru Dealer Invoice Price

Let's take a closer look at the Subaru dealer invoice price. Again, the Subaru dealer invoice price is technically (from a bookkeeping standpoint) the amount the dealer paid Subaru for a new vehicle; though the true dealer cost can be hundreds, even thousands of dollars less than the Subaru dealer invoice price.

  • This is because Subaru includes a dealer holdback in the Subaru dealer invoice price; it's a percentage of either the MSRP or the Subaru dealer invoice price.  This holdback is to help the Subaru dealer with various overhead costs to maintain an extensive inventory. It is then returned to the Subaru dealer, usually on a quarterly basis. The Subaru dealer also receives incentives, such as a regional sales bonus for hitting their sales quota.

  • The Subaru dealer also receives incentive/bonus money for receiving high scores on the CSI (customer satisfaction survey). All automakers take a survey after someone buys one of their new automobiles and a high score equals a bonus. Then there are all of the increased incentives for selling the current or previous year models (to make room for next year's), and cash incentives to quickly sell the slower selling models.

  • In a downtrodden economy where all businesses, including the Subaru dealers, are struggling, there are many who would be willing to settle for less profits to generate sales. Most of us would rather make X% of something than 100% of nothing. Keep this in mind when negotiating with the Subaru dealerships and use your free price quotes to play the numbers game; all you need is one to come in below their Subaru dealer invoice price to get that great deal.

Why You Should Consider Buying A Subaru

  1. You'll have peace of mind when you and your family are on the road, as Subaru is the only automaker with IIHS Top Safety Picks for all models; for three years in a row.

  2. A Subaru will help you stay under control when driving. Along with the gripping-traction that their Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive offers you, Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC), a stability control system that will automatically sense steering/braking input to help keep your car on its intended path. The VDC system also includes an all-wheel/all-speed traction control system.

  3. The ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) pulses braking power to help prevent wheel lockup and the Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) will optimize the distribution of braking force between the front/rear wheels according to how the car is loaded with passengers/cargo. The Brake Assist system will help ensure maximum pressure is applied to the brakes as fast as possible in emergency situations.

  4. A reinforcement frame helps deliver high-impact protection for the passenger compartment, the advanced airbag system will deploy up to 6 airbags (Forester, Outback and Tribeca also include a rollover sensor). The engine's low placement is designed to allow it to drive under the chassis in front-end collision to further protect the passenger area.

  5. Subaru offers 2 cameras that are mounted by the rearview mirror to monitor traffic and react to conditions even before you do. It sees the problem and initiates action to help you avoid the trouble and will also sound an alert, as well as flash a visual warning if there's risk of a collision; and applies the brakes automatically if you don't.  It can also optimize cruise control and warn drivers when they're swaying outside their lane.

  6. Every Subaru is designed for optimal visibility, including generously sized windows and available rear-vision cameras on select models to help improve rear visibility. Each Subaru also comes standard with the LATCH child safety rear seat system and rear child door locks. Sedans are equipped with a self-illuminated inside-the-trunk release handle to help avoid entrapment.

Now that you have the tools you need to create a bidding war for your business and negotiate a great deal on a new Subaru, take the opportunity to request a free, no obligation to buy Subaru price quote. You'll receive competing price quotes from certified Subaru dealers, along with their dealer invoice price.  You will also receive the most current available incentives and cash rebates that Subaru is offering in your area.

It's never been easier to get a great deal on a new Subaru!

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