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Want the New Ram? Find Out the Ram Invoice Price and Save Money on a New Truck!

September 19, 2011

Looking for a New Dodge Truck? Get the Lowest Prices Possible With a New Dodge Truck Invoice Price Quote...Don’t Wait, It Could Save You Thousands!

The new Ram is considered to be one of the most stylish and versatile half-ton trucks on the market today. It even provides a smooth and cosseting ride, thanks to Dodge’s decision to get rid of the crude leaf springs for the rear suspension and replaced it with proper coil springs. This gives the Ram an edge over other full-size pick-up trucks in terms of overall ride and driving comfort. With that being said, the Ram invoice price and true dealer cost will give you an idea on how much you really need to pay for the most desirable truck to ever roam the streets of today.

Introducing the Real Truth about the Ram Invoice Price

Ever heard of dealer advertisements that pledge customers will only pay ‘below the dealer invoice’ when buying a new car or truck? This is more of a marketing tactic than any thing else. The dealer invoice is reputedly the amount that the Dodge dealer paid for the car. The invoice price is also a relatively unknown amount. Car dealers can add a few hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars in the invoice price without the buyer actually knowing it.

What is the Effect of this Practice?

Car buyers will be fooled into thinking that they have made a fantastic deal when they use the invoice price as a basis for negotiating the purchase price. Remember that the invoice price or dealer invoice contains an amount called the dealer holdback. The holdback is approximately 3% of the sticker price of the car and will be reimbursed by the manufacturer after the dealer sells the car. Based on the holdback itself, car dealers stand a chance of earning an extra hundred or thousands of dollars on a single car alone.

What is the Most Effective Way to Negotiate the Price of the New Ram?

Aside from knowing the Ram invoice price, you will also need to determine the true dealer cost. Confused? Consider the formula below to better understand what the true dealer cost is:

Dealer Invoice Price + Destination Charges + Options – Dealer Holdback = True Dealer Cost

If you want a faster and more effective way to know the true dealer cost, you simply need to request a free online new car price quote in order to obtain the Ram dealer invoice. A free quote will also allow you to come up with the true dealer cost so you never have to pay too much for a new car or truck again. Try a free quote today and be amongst the lucky people who have benefited extensively from this simple and free online service.

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