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How to Get New Car Invoice Price

October 05, 2010

Auto New Invoice Prices- Discover Your Dealer's Secret Bottom Line Invoice Car Price Quote!

Everyone wants to buy their new car at invoice price but only a few new car buyers truly understand its importance. Knowing the dealers new car invoice is a powerful tool, if you know how to use it. New car invoice price is the fixed price the dealership pays to the automaker for the car. True dealer cost is even lower; there are other factors (such as holdbacks and incentives given by the manufacturer) that influence the actual cost the dealership pays to the producer.

You need to be informed about these factors so you know exactly how much you’re paying for your car and how much profit is the dealer making. After knowing this numbers you can start negotiating. Information is crucial at every stage of the process, it will give you power of opinion and certainty that you are getting a good deal.

Having the right information at the right time can save you thousands. Therefore you need to get ready now with the latest information regarding the auto world. Use today’s globalized world to your advantage, the Internet is your main ally in the search for low car prices and unique opportunities when buying your new car. You can research for all brands and what are people paying for all models by just requesting for a price quote. Is easy, you only need to fill a request form and wait for multiple dealerships to contact you with their information and their unbeatable prices.

Information may save you thousands.
The success of your negotiation depends 100% on your previous research, be well prepared. Take your time to ask for online price quotes that will tell you everything that’s going on in your area. This is process that should move at your pace, not the dealer’s. There’s no reason to go directly to a dealership and feel overwhelmed. Buying a car in a hurry is a good way to overlook essential information that could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Take your preparation before arriving to the dealership seriously and once you get there don’t let the salesperson control the tempo of negotiations. Set your own schedule.

Nothing is a minor detail when negotiating.
Pay attention to every detail when negotiating, especially to additional options. A car dealer may offer you a car at dealer invoice price but then the number may increase due to these options. Here is where most dealers make most of their profit, not at purchase price. The new car buyer thinks that the negotiation it’s over, but well think again because you should never let your guard down until you are driving off the dealership lot. You need to be aware of any add-ons the dealership may include in the final price, there’s a different between the base car purchase prices you have negotiated and the final price you will pay after these sneaky additional options come up. Remember that these add-ons are optional and that you can refuse to purchase them.

When you request for multiple car price quotes you are increasing your buying power and your chances of getting a great deal.

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