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Lowest-Priced Vehicles with Leather Seats

December 02, 2016

Perhaps one of the most frustrating problems for drivers is the premium we have to pay to get leather seats. They're never standard except in luxury models and we usually can't get them without a package of other luxury features, like heated side-view mirrors and electronic sun shades. Below are some affordable options you may not have considered. We think this might help you out.

Fiat 500 Sport

The Fiat 500's Sport trim comes with leather seats at an MSRP of around $19,000. The 500 isn't for everyone but it is a little more affordable than comparable leather-clad vehicles, such as the Mini Cooper.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

While $37,500 isn't a low price, generally speaking, it is a fair price for everything you get in the Grand Cherokee Limited. We're talking leather 60/40 split, folding, (front) memory, heated (front/rear) seats, not just your basic leather type. The Grand Cherokee also comes with a 3.6 liter V6 engine and a 3,500-lb towing capacity which can be upgraded to 10,000 lbs with the towing package.

Subaru Forester Limited

Speaking of SUVs, if you need one but you're not ready for the Cherokee, the Forester might have the capabilities you need while sparing the ones you don't. The Limited trim goes for $29,000 and includes AWD, leather seats, a 170-hp engine, a spacious interior and that famous Japanese reliability.

Acura ILX with Premium Package

Not every luxury brand is luxury priced, these days. The ILX starts at only $27,880. Add a premium package for $2,000 and you've got leather seats. While the ILX isn't as luxurious as, say, a BMW 330i, it does qualify for the luxury designation. We say that because it comes with more power than most cars its size and it has the exterior styling you'd expect of a luxury vehicle, including 17-inch wheels and sleek LED lighting features.

Hyundai Elantra Limited

Maybe the most affordable and equipped sedan with leather seats is the $22,000 Elantra Limited. It comes with all the tech you could want, 17-inch wheels, heated seats, disc brakes on all four wheels, blind spot detection and a host of optional safety features that come with the $1,900 Ultimate package.

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