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Buying a New Kia? Start Your Car Shopping Here!

August 13, 2012

Get Kia Dealer Invoice Pricing and Secret Internet Discounts With a Free New Car Price Quote! Savings Are Just a Click Away!

Kia cars are among the best-styled cars in the market today. Gone are the days of boring drive trains and mediocre build quality along with the use of substandard materials

Compare Competing New Invoice Price Quotes from Local Dealerships

for the interior and the dash. New Kia cars are now better equipped and built to stand the test of time. When shopping for a new car, it is best to take some precious time to ponder and analyze about current pricing schemes employed by car dealers in your area. This way, you get to drive home a new Kia without spending too much of your hard earned money. The Kia true dealer cost will enlighten you on the right price to pay for each and every new Kia.

What is the Kia True Dealer Cost and How does This Differ From the Invoice Price?

In order to satisfy the query, it is best to summarize what the invoice price and true dealer cost is:

  • Invoice price – is reputed to be the price that the car dealer paid the manufacturer for the car and is even regarded as the ‘wholesale price’ by most. Car shoppers usually refer to the dealer invoice price when negotiating the price of the car. Fair enough, but remember that the dealer invoice contains a not-so-well-known profit-making factor known as the dealer holdback. More on that later.
  • True dealer cost – the true dealer cost will give you a very good idea on the price that you have to pay for the car. The Kia dealer cost is a more accurate representation of the actual selling price of the car that also gives the dealer an amicable settlement when it comes to earning profits.

What is the Dealer Holdback?

The dealer holdback is a small amount based on the MSRP of the car. It is a small percentage of the sticker price and is used to reimburse certain expenses by the dealer when it comes to the sale of the car. In truth, however, the dealer holdback is a significant amount that enables the dealer to earn more profits when left unnoticed.

Here is the Ultimate Way to Find the Kia Dealer Cost and Save Money on a Brand New Kia

All you need to do is participate in an online quote in order to know the Kia dealer cost and how this will make it possible for you to actually pay below the invoice price. This alone will help you save tons of money on a brand new Kia. Get your free quote today and find all the latest and most honest car pricing information in the market today.

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