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Rock-Bottom Invoice Prices USA

April 26, 2011

Learn Real US New Car Prices No Matter Where You Live - Find Secret Offers from Local America Car Dealerships!

Ready to buy a new car and looking for the lowest invoice prices available in the USA? Look no further. We are here to teach you 3 main things:

  1. What is invoice pricing?
  2. Where can I find invoice prices?
  3. How can I use invoice prices to save money?

An educated buyer is a smart buyer. You can drastically change the outcome of your car buying experience when you take a little extra time to do your homework. Here is your Invoice Pricing 101 Class.

What is Invoice Pricing?

Invoice prices are the prices that dealerships pay for each vehicle on their lot. New vehicles are built at the manufacturer’s factory. Dealerships buy their fleets of cars directly from these factories.

The dealership and manufacturer hold a healthy business relationship. Since dealerships buy bulk amounts of vehicles at a time the manufacturer gives them discounted pricing. This means dealerships pay the true value of the vehicle, not a penny more. The manufacturers know that dealerships will keep coming back to them to buy their vehicles as long as they offer the dealerships discounted pricing.

Where can I Find Invoice Pricing?

Unfortunately pricing can get sketchy in the world of new cars. The dealership buys a vehicle for one price, the manufacturer values the same car at a slightly higher price, and then, once on the dealership lot, the car is given an even higher price.

This progression of price changes makes it hard to keep track of the true value of a vehicle. Dealerships may sometimes advertise pricing at invoice cost, but this can be misleading. It’s safe to assume that the dealership paid much less for your car than the price they offer you.

Fortunately we provide free, no obligation price quotes for buyers. These price quotes are aimed to help buyers get full pricing information on any new car or truck they want to buy. Having full pricing information ensures you pay only the price you should for your new car.

When you request a free price quote we deliver three main pieces of information to you- real time dealer pricing, MSRP, and true invoice pricing. This means you can see what the dealerships is trying to sell the car for, what the manufacturer values the car at, and what the dealership actually paid for the car.

How Can I Use Invoice Prices to Save Money?

Your price quote puts all the power in your hands. When you know what the dealership actually paid for your new vehicle, you know its true worth.

The best strategy is to offer a small percentage higher than the invoice price- 2% to 5% higher. This will offer the dealership a reasonable profit while still saving you money. Paying close to invoice price instead of the sticker price can save you thousands of dollars!

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