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Learn the Invoice Price for Cars & Pay Less!

October 05, 2010

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You need to change your car, and you have been preparing yourself mentally for the big challenge that awaits for you in near future. You’ve heard horrible stories about close friends and acquaintances that have been scammed by a supposedly "reliable" car salesperson, therefore the only thought of having to start negotiations on your new car purchase gives you goose bumps. Please we are here to help you, you will get a great value for your hard earned money and leave the dealership with a brand new car at an unbeatable price below car dealer invoice price.

Speaking the Same Language

First, let’s learn some basics of the language that people in the car dealership world use. By this we mean, the words and expressions that salespersons use frequently and that you are right now learning. What is the invoice price for cars? The invoice price for cars is the price the dealer has paid to the manufacturer for the vehicle, it’s kind of the true discounted price the manufacturer gives to the dealer. I know what you are thinking, and yes, that’s where we are heading, you will get the invoice price for your new car, first we have to learn other things so we can get there.

Is Factory Invoice Price as Good as It Gets?

When we hear great discounts, or about getting things under the suggested price, we immediately distrust the offer, it’s in our nature. It sounds too good to be true! I Is the invoice price for cars the best price you can get, or maybe is just a big scam? It isn’t one or the other, dealerships can also make money by selling you a new car at invoice price or maybe even below it. No scams involved. You deserve to get a great deal and they should be able to make profit, as long as they give you a fair price for what you are buying.

How to Know a Fair Price

You have to be informed, to know what to expect to pay for your new acquisition. Make your own research on the car you want to buy, evaluate all of your options. The most important step is to get a free new car price quote – this will provide you with the real prices you should aim to pay. Set your mind on paying the minimum price once you obtain the price quote for the car you want. Most likely, the salesperson is not going to scam you, because treating you right is an investment they make on a long-term basis. Nevertheless, the better prepared you are, the less chances he’ll have of even thinking of doing it.

Start by requesting for a free new car price quote, this will your first step in getting closer to the true dealer cost. Get informed and become an authority when dealing with dealers!

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