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How to Get Dealer Invoice Price Quotes for New Cars

April 26, 2011

Only Pay Dealer Invoice Price for Your New Car! Request a Free Quote to Find Real Savings Now!

Learn how to get dealer invoice price on your new car in minutes! When you pay true dealer price you save thousands of dollars.

Dealerships offer great deals, sales events, and incentives, but even more savings can be obtained. As a new car buyer you should focus on one price- the dealer invoice price.

What is the Dealer Invoice Price?

Dealerships purchase their fleet of vehicles directly from the factory. The dealerships buy in bulk amounts and create a lot of business for the car manufacturers. Due to this healthy business relationship, the manufacturers offer the vehicles at discount prices.

These discount prices are the dealer invoice prices. The dealer invoice price reflects the true value of a vehicle.

Do Dealerships Sell Cars at Dealer Invoice?

It is uncommon to find dealer invoice pricing at the dealerships themselves. Dealerships aim to generate a large profit off of each vehicle sale. To do this they raise the prices much higher than the invoice prices.

The end result of the inflation is the sticker price you will find in the window of the vehicle. Each vehicle on the dealership lot will have a full pricing write-up and a quoted MSRP price. This price sheet aims to convince you that this inflated price is the actual value of the new car or truck.

How Can I Pay Dealer Invoice?

Knowledge is power. Dealerships prey on underprepared and uninformed buyers. These are the easiest type of buyers to take advantage of. An uneducated buyer is not aware that they are paying much more than they should for their new vehicle.

Dealerships try to keep the true dealer invoice price hidden so that buyer are not aware of the true value of their car. To pay dealer invoice you have to know the exact invoice price.

Request a free, no obligation price quote today to find invoice prices for any new car or truck you want to buy. Our extensive price quotes provide you with detailed pricing information so you can fully prepare yourself.

Sticker pricing at dealerships in your area, MSRP, and true dealer invoice prices are all provided in your price quote. With these different prices in front of you, you are able to compare the price the dealership wants you to pay to the price you should actually pay.

Your free price quote opens the door to paying only invoice pricing for your new car!

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