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Here is the Easy Way to find out the Dealer Cost and Save Money on A New Car in #location_state_full#

July 20, 2012

Planning to buy a new car in the next 30 days? Don’t let confusing pricing information get the best of you. Learn the easy way of how to find out dealer cost, and never pay too much for a car ever again!

Before heading to the dealership, you should take the time to request a FREE online price quote. You will instantly find all the pricing information you need for any type of new car, in the fastest time possible! With a simple and FREE online price quote, you will get the chance to find:

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  • Updated new car pricing and discount information so you get accurate new car prices each and every time.
  • Secret Internet-only offers with huge cash rebates and special incentives so you get guaranteed savings.
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  • Available $0 down payment offers with low interest rates so you get lower car payments.

Request a FREE online price quote. With just a simple click of the mouse, you will learn the easiest and hassle-free way to pay below invoice price! No haggling, no hassles, and there is no obligation to buy!

The Difference Between Dealer Cost and the Sticker Price of a New Car

The sticker price is what you see posted on the window or the windshield of the new vehicle inside the showroom. The sticker price is also referred to as the MSRP, or the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. From the word itself, the MSRP printed on the sticker is just the ‘suggested’ retail price.

Not all dealerships are the same, but some will either raise or lower the selling price, depending on how much car buyers are willing to pay for the vehicle. If the new vehicle is highly anticipated, then car dealers can artificially raise the dealer invoice and the MSRP. There are even times that the dealer will charge a fair market adjustment on vehicles that are low in supply but are high in demand, resulting in a higher than normal MSRP.

The sticker price will include specific charges such as destination fees, preparation fees, vehicle options, and additional dealer-installed options. What the sticker price will not indicate is the dealer invoice and the true dealer cost. The dealer cost is a price that is lower than the MSRP, and will take into account hidden dealer profits that would otherwise remain unknown to the untrained car buyer.

The dealer cost is the lowest price that you can pay for the car that you want. The dealer cost will utilize the invoice price along with certain elements that will help to further reduce the final asking price, such as the dealer holdback and manufacturer to dealer incentives (which may include significant cash rebates). Consider the fact that the holdback is around 3% of the MSRP or the dealer invoice, and cash rebates can easily reach thousands of dollars, making it possible to enjoy enormous savings on your dream car, all while still letting the dealer pocket a significant amount of profit. All in all, you can be assured of getting a fair selling price if you figure out the true dealer cost of the car that you wish to buy.

How to Find Out Dealer Cost

You can use this simple formula to find the dealer cost:

Dealer invoice – Holdback and factory to dealer incentives + Destination charge +Vehicle options

The dealer invoice is the base price of the car. This is the actual price that the dealer paid the factory. But you don’t have to take the dealers word for it, since they still earn profits on the dealer holdback.

The holdback is around 3% of the MSRP or invoice price, and will vary according to the make and model of the vehicle. Car dealers use the dealer holdback to pay interest on their loans, or they use it to pay for expenses and other incidental costs.

Deducting the holdback will already save you a significant amount of money! By simply calculating the dealer cost, you can arrive at the real ‘on-the-road price’ or the fair selling price of the vehicle by following-up with this simple formula:

Dealer cost + Taxes and licensing fees - cash rebates

You never need to pay too much for a car again! Request a FREE price quote to get all the pricing information you need to pay below invoice price on any kind of new car, truck, or SUV.

Make Car Dealerships Compete to Save you Money on a New Car

Car dealers run a business, and businesses need to make money in order to survive. For this reason alone, car dealers need to offer competitive prices in order to attract more buyers. Intelligent car buyers will naturally seek a car dealer that offers the lowest selling price. Dealers with the lowest prices will naturally win in terms of sales volume.

Requesting multiple FREE price quotes will give you the opportunity to view the latest offers from multiple car dealerships in your area. All that you need to do is select one or two car dealers with the best offer and make them compete in giving you the fair price for the car that you want.

Since the dealer knows that you are shopping around, they will put their best foot forward and offer you a deal that you can’t refuse. Requesting a FREE price quote will put the power of negotiations right in the palm of your hands.

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