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How to Find Car Invoice Prices Online

April 26, 2011

Research New Car Prices Before You Visit the Dealership - Uncover Secret Dealer Cost by Requesting a Free Price Quote.

Car dealers are just like any other business, they buy their products in bulk amounts and manufacturers give them discounts, the more cars they buy the higher the discounts they get. Remember that all car dealerships are independent businesses that are not owned by the car manufacturer; they only buy their cars from the manufacturer and have a franchise to sell them. These special discount they get, and the final price they pay is what is called invoice price, they then mark up this price when selling their cars to customers to have profit.

However, the invoice price you get as the official price the dealer has paid to the manufacturer is usually not the real dealer cost. There are special and secrets discounts that most car manufacturers apply to dealers that make the real cost of the price much lower. This stems from the fact that dealers themselves offer prices “below invoice price” then, new questions arise “how can they sell me a car at invoice price if that is the price they have paid the manufacturer?” “Where is their profit?”

Mainly due to the Internet, car buyers are more aware that new car dealerships sell their cars at different prices to different customers. You actually have the possibility of paying below invoice price is you make a good online research.

How to Find Car Invoice Prices?

To find real car invoice prices you need to request for a price quote. At TrueDealerCost.com you can find a wide selection of new car buying advice that will help you decide which the right car is for you. After you have completed this step, you should request for a price quote and fill out the exact information on the exact car you want. Your price quote will be submitted and our wide net of pre-approved dealer will see if they have the car you want on their inventories. After that they will contact you with their best offers and the invoice price of the car. It sounds simple because it is in fact a very simple process.

You just can’t expect to dealers to sell you a car at or below invoice price if you just drop by the new car dealership, you need to negotiate before even setting one foot on the car lot. With your price quote you have the chance to negotiate from the comfort of your living room without the pressure of any salesperson.

You can get actual dealer invoice price quotes from TrueDealerCost.com. See what others in your area are paying and actually see realistic figures and determine if they adjust to your budget.

Request for a price quote now! Learn how to find car invoice prices in no time!

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