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Introducing Honda Pilot: a Mid-size SUV That Offers More of Everything

July 06, 2011

Get Deals on the New Powerfully Efficient Honda Pilot. Discover What the Reliable Honda Pilot Can Do for You!

The Honda Pilot is a family hauler that sticks to the same levels of Honda reliability and durability. It is a true SUV that can carry a maximum of seven people in three rows of seating. However, do not mistake the Pilot for just any type of seven-seat SUV, the third row is actually roomy enough to accommodate full sized adults. It is in this that the Pilot provides amazing value for those who demand minivan-like seating capability with the famed Honda badge.

What Makes the Honda Pilot a Viable Choice?

Besides the usual fact that SUV’s look cooler than a comparable minivan or MPV, the Honda Pilot provides a robust frame based on the popular Honda Odyssey minivan and Honda Accord sedan. The Pilot is one of those large SUV’s that give a well-cushioned and comfortable ride. If you think that the Honda CR-V rides a little bit on the firm side, then the Honda Pilot will definitely please those who want to be pampered in as much comfort as possible.

Honda pilot

The Secret to Saving Money on a Honda Pilot Finally Revealed!

Want the useful interior space and fine driving manners of the Honda Pilot? You need not approach the nearest Honda dealer in haste as you first need to figure out two very important things:

  1. The dealer invoice or invoice price
  2. The true dealer cost

If you take the time to determine the above mentioned factors then you will finally experience what it really feels like to drive home a brand new SUV while still having enough money left to further enjoy life.

What Makes the Dealer Invoice and Honda Pilot True Dealer Cost?

The dealer invoice is a reflection of how much the car costs when it was acquired by the car dealer from the manufacturer. In short, it is considered to be the wholesale price as manufacturers charge less when purchasing cars in bulk. The true dealer cost will take into account the dealer invoice and the dealer holdback to arrive at a pocket friendly price.

Free and Easy Way to Find the Honda Pilot True Dealer Cost

Keep this in mind: if you want a Honda Pilot and take the time to find out the true dealer cost then you are on your way towards a satisfying car buying experience. All you need to do is request a free, no obligation price quote to be presented with qualified Honda dealers and the true dealer cost for the Honda Pilot. This way, you can safely shop around for a new SUV without the usual hassles of haggling car prices with the dealer. Get your free quote today.

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